Andre Johnson, Jr.
Junior S3
NameAndre Johnson, Jr.
BornSeptember 24, 2000
FamilyAndre Johnson (father)
Rainbow Johnson (mother)
Zoey Johnson (sister)
Jack Johnson (brother)
Diane Johnson (sister)
Devonte Johnson (brother)
Earl Johnson (paternal grandfather)
Ruby Johnson (paternal grandmother)
Rhonda Johnson (paternal aunt)
Sharon Johnson (paternal aunt by marriage via Rhonda)
April Johnson (maternal grandmother)
Paul Johnson (maternal grandfather)
Johan Johnson (maternal uncle)
Santamonica Johnson (maternal aunt)
Eustace Telphy
WorkplaceStudent at Valley Glen School
First EpisodePilot
Portrayed byMarcus Scribner

Andre Johnson, Jr. is one of the main characters of the hit TV show, Black-ish. Junior is portrayed by Marcus Scribner.

Character Info

Dre's son Andre Jr. asks to be called "Andy," and then announces that like his schoolmates, he wants a bar mitzvah for his 13th birthday -- and their family isn't Jewish. When the boy says he wants to play for his school's field hockey team instead of basketball, Dre has to wonder: would he rather Andre play basketball because it is a black-ish sport? Or could it be Dre wants his namesake to like the sport he prefers? 


Season 1 (24/24)


*he used to briefly be a republican.But he switched sides possibly because Zoe's friend told him about the GOP and he didn't like it because he wasn't sexist and his mom is a doctor.


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