Crime and Punishment
Season 1, Episode 5
Crime and Punishment
First Aired October 22, 2014
Production Code 105
Writer(s) Corey Nickerson
Director(s) Claire Scanlon
Episode Guide
"Crazy Mom"
"The Prank King"

Crime and Punishment is the fifth episode of the first season of Black-ish. The episode premiered on October 22, 2014.


Jack's game of hiding scares Rainbow while clothes shopping, and she punishes him by telling him Dre will issue a spanking at home. Dre antagonizes over this, getting input from his office colleagues. Pops also offers his advice, in the form of a model racecar trackpiece he whooped Dre with in his youth. Jack manipulates his mother as only a child can, and she reverses her views on spanking. After another round of hiding, Dre finally decides to spank Jack, but his siblings block the way. Dre promises to share the pain if his children don't move, and they quickly sell their brother out. While Dre seeks his perfect belt, Jack runs to the bedroom and cushions up. After cornering Jack in the room, Dre sits him down and uses the ultimate punishment of "I'm so disappointed..." Jack flees the room crying, and his siblings scatter, full of newfound respect for the beatdown.



  • This episode is so far the lowest rating episode.
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