Diane Johnson
Diane S3
NameDiane Rosie Johnson
FamilyAndre Johnson (father)
Rainbow Johnson (mother)
Zoey Johnson (sister)
Andre Johnson, Jr. (brother)
Jack Johnson (twin brother)
Devonte Johnson (brother)
Earl Johnson (paternal grandfather)
Ruby Johnson (paternal grandmother)
Rhonda Johnson (paternal aunt)
Sharon Johnson (paternal aunt by marriage via Rhonda)
Alicia Johnson (maternal grandmother)
Paul Johnson (maternal grandfather)
Johan Johnson (maternal uncle)
Santamonica Johnson (maternal aunt)
BornOctober 21, 2006
Portrayed byMarsai Martin

Diane Rosie Johnson is one of the main characters of the hit tv show, Black-ish. She is portrayed by Marsai Martin.

She considers herself to be smarter & more mature than her twin brother Jack.

Character Info

Diane and Jack are the Johnson family's eight-year-old twins. Diane is gifted and talented. She thinks she has all the answers but has yet to develop a filter to put them through. Although she is one minute older than Jack, she likes to think she is smarter than her twin brother by ten thousand minutes.

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Diane and her older sister Zoey