Dre is left exhausted after wrestling with a lot of stress at work and while at home, he drifts to sleep watching a TV

Good-ish Times
Season 2, Episode 24
First Aired May 18, 2016
Writer(s) Jenifer Rice-Genzuk Henry
Director(s) Anton Cropper
Episode Guide
"Daddy Dre-Care"
marathon of Good Times – cue the dream sequence. The Johnson family goes back in time to the 1970s transforming into the classic TV show's characters. Bow as Thelma being siblings with Junior (J.J.) and Jack (Michael), Pops (James) and Ruby (Florida) being their parents, Dre (Keith) as the boyfriend of his real parents’ daughter, and Zoey (Willona) and Diane (Penny) being friends of the family.

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