We're pregnant.
— Rainbow to Andre
Rainbow Cinnamon Johnson
Rainbow S3
NameRainbow Cinnamon Johnson
NicknamesBabe (by husband)
Mom (by kids)
Bow (by everyone)
BornOctober 31, 1978
FamilyApril Johnson (mother)
Paul Johnson (father)
Johan Johnson (brother)
Santamonica Johnson (sister)
Andre Johnson (husband)
Zoey Johnson (daughter)
Andre Johnson, Jr. (son)
Jack Johnson (son)
Diane Johnson (daughter)
Devonte Johnson (son)
Earl Johnson (father-in-law)
Ruby Johnson (mother-in-law)
Rhonda Johnson (sister-in-law)
Sharon Johnson (sister-in-law by marriage via Rhonda)
OccupationMedical Doctor; Anesthesiologist
First EpisodePilot
Last EpisodeN/A
Portrayed byTracee Ellis Ross

Rainbow Johnson is one of the main characters from the hit tv show, Black-ish. Rainbow is portrayed by Tracee Ellis Ross

Character Info

Rainbow is an anesthesiologist and the bi-racial wife of Dre, who disagrees with some of her liberal viewpoints. But they are in agreement that they want to successfully raise their family in a better situation than what they had. Much to her husband's wonderment, she believes their children can exist in a colorless society. She takes pride in that her husband will break down barriers by becoming the first black senior VP of his ad firm. She is also looking forward to the salary increase that will follow.She always reminds everyone she is a doctor and constantly battles and is insulted by Ruby.She worries that her children aren't talking to her and that they like Ruby's Food and Ruby more than her


Season 1 (24/24)


  • Speaks Spanish.
  • She was raised by an interracial hippie couple.

Her surname was already Johnson before she and Dre were married



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