Zoey Johnson
Zoey S3
NameZoey Johnson
Gurkel (formerly)
BornMay 14, 1998
FamilyAndre Johnson (father)
Rainbow Johnson (mother)
Andre Johnson, Jr. (brother)
Jack Johnson (brother)
Diane Johnson (sister)
Devonte Johnson (brother)
Earl Johnson (paternal grandfather)
Ruby Johnson (paternal grandmother)
Rhonda Johnson (paternal aunt)
April Johnson (maternal grandmother)
Paul Johnson (maternal grandfather)
Johan Johnson (maternal uncle)
First EpisodePilot
Portrayed byYara Shahidi

Zoey Johnson is one of the main characters of the hit TV sitcom, Black-ish. Zoey is portrayed by Yara Shahidi.

Zoey is the unimaginably smart, pretty, popular and stylish member of the Johnson family. Behold the world's most perfect teenager! Zoe usually gets on with Dre and is annoyed by Dianne.

Character Info

Zoey, 15 (Season 1), has everything going for her. She's pretty, popular, and super smart. However, she is dripping in privilege and unearned entitlement. Zoey's idea of success is rooted in material things, rather than hard work. The definition of accomplishment for Zoey? To have 100,000 Instagram followers.

Zoey, often mocks her siblings, but in "Hope", she is seen angry at her brother for wanting to go down and help protest at the Black Lives Matter event, as she is scared that he'll be brutally murdered or arrested. Her mother, Bow, takes a moment to tell Dre, that she was scared that Zoey didn't know how to feel.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

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